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Caroline has more than 30 years’ experience in decluttering, downsizing, organizing, packing and moving and 10 years’ experience in coaching and mentoring. She can work with you in any situation from Home and Home Office and Storage Rooms. She also works with the elderly in downsizing and moving into Assisted Living Facilities and works with the facilities in move out when a client passes as well as assisting out-of-state adult children whose parents have passed and need help going through their parents belongings and what to do next. Caroline understands what it feels like to be overwhelmed and stressed by clutter and disorganization and has perfected a way to assist you in easing and de-stressing the process! She has a natural ability to meet you where you are with care and support throughout the process.

Caroline will help you get motivated, break the clutter cycle, change the habits and assist in processes that help you gain control back over your environment, mind and life.