I had a pain in the back of my shoulders in my vertebrae that just wouldn’t pop and tried everything for the last three weeks, like contorting myself in every possible way and within 30 seconds, I felt it ease up and pulled my shoulders back and it popped. While it was happening, I felt warmth and a loosening and relaxation of the tightness going away which gave me the opportunity to move and pop it! Now I can feel the great joy of that popped feeling and it’s so good because I’ve been struggling with it for three weeks. Fantastic! Thank you very much!

Lesley Hicks, President and Founder of Hopes to Reality, A Children’s Non-Profit


I had a treatment with Caroline and she did a little energy work on me and within five minutes, the Gastritis pain that I had in my stomach all day had disappeared. I felt so much better afterward.

Dr. Catherine Romanoff, Chiropractor, Bioenergetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) Music Therapy, Acupuncture