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Why the Hummingbird?

Having an affinity to the Hummingbird after being named after this joyful bird many years ago by a Native American friend of mine who has since passed. We had a closeness that defied the miles of earth between us. He knew me well, even having met me only a couple of times. He called me Hummingbird and told me that one day I would understand what that meant.

My journey through life over the many years since this name was given to me has shown me what it’s like to carry the name Hummingbird. The implication behind this little bird is akin to the journey I have taken in my life and where I am headed. I have lived the life of the Hummingbird and learned from her. My hope is to be able to share this journey of mine that brought me from the depths of depression and despair to the joy I have been searching for in my life.

The hummingbird spirit animal symbolizes the enjoyment of life and lightness of being. Those who have the hummingbird as a totem are invited to enjoy the sweetness of life, lift up negativity wherever it creeps in and express love more fully in their daily endeavors. This fascinating bird is capable of the most incredible feats despite its small size, such as traveling great distances or being able to fly backward. By affinity with the hummingbird, those who have this bird as totem may be encouraged to develop their adaptability and resiliency while keeping a playful and optimistic outlook.

Hummingbird Meaning

The hummingbird symbolizes joy and playfulness, as well as adaptability. Additional symbolic meanings are:

• Lightness of being, enjoyment of life
• Being more present
• Independence
• Bringing playfulness and joy in your life
• Lifting up negativity
• Swiftness, ability to respond quickly
• Resiliency, being able to travel great distances tirelessly