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“In the highest vision of the soul, a waking angel stirs.”

As a Spiritual Mentor, I also use different types of Energy Work along with the Spiritual Work, that I have learned throughout the years. Whether you are looking for someone to help you with healing your mind, body, spirit, heart and/or soul remember, you are the Healer, I am the conduit or bridge to assist you in your healing work.

There is a new thought at this time with healing. Do you have pain somewhere in your body? Have you ever just felt tired or out of sorts? Have you found that you have “gotten” a dis-ease and you’ve been to many doctors who can’t seem to figure out what is wrong with you? Are you going through something in your life and feel like you can’t get out of it or survive it? Know this…the body is not separate from the mind or from the spirit. Healing works on all levels; and does not come through medication.

I use a few methods of energy work to include Reiki, Quantum Touch, and Therapeutic Touch along with the Spiritual Mentoring. I work with what your mind, body, spirit and soul are asking for. All I ask from you is a willingness to do the work and you can ultimately find results.

The experience of the client varies greatly from person to person and from time to time for the same person. You may expect to feel deeply relaxed and centered after a session. It may be a profound spiritual experience, a super nap, or just a pleasant time of relaxation. You may have images come to mind, or experience feelings or emotions. Clients often report that pain is diminished or gone after a session. Many people feel heat or the vibrational energy from the practitioner’s hands, some don’t feel anything. Some feel a sense of peace or emotional balance after a session. This work can help to relieve physical and emotional pain, promote spiritual clarity, speed the healing process and balance the body’s energy. Regardless of what you experience in the moment of the session, you will find that your life begins to change in the days and weeks after a session.

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