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The meaning behind this didn’t hit me until I was in the middle of writing this story, based off a suggestion from a writer’s prompt. In knowing a lot of my women friends, I can see this happening with them as well, as I dug inside myself. My spirit soared, as I recognized, line by line, what I felt in my heart and what I want to show others. I am on my path as well, so I know how important it is to help, but also to learn. I hope you enjoy reading it as much I enjoyed writing.

The Story of the Mermaid

I see a mermaid swimming around in the deep blue ocean. She has a pleasant content look on her face, but is it really? She looks around and sees beautiful schools of ‘normal’ fish, shells floating, sea turtles and seaweed. She doesn’t really fit in with anything she sees. She is content floating in the crystal clear water, it’s warm and it’s comforting. But she is missing something.

She looks around to see if there is anything or anyone swimming nearby that looks like her. There is no one. She feels sad and lonely. She knows deep down that she is special but she has no one to share her beautiful gifts and soul with, no one is interested. No one seems to care. She has a hard time connecting with others because they are all the same and she is so different. In some ways she wants to be a part of it, but in many ways she doesn’t, but she doesn’t really know why.

She leans back, with her head resting into her hands like a pillow, closes her eyes and lets the current move her. She considers what she needs. Although she is beautiful, with long brown flowing hair, bright brown eyes, a glowing face and beautiful human body on top, alas she is also a fish from the waist down. Sometimes she feels ugly, mostly she feels like she is lost and doesn’t fit in. The other fish see that she is almost like them, but they never invite her into their schools. And she never sees a human under the surface, so she can’t connect with them either.

She has felt lonely and ashamed her entire life. As she floats on, she daydreams about what her life could look like. In her thoughts, she sees other mermaids floating around her, each one all alone. They all seem to be in their own little worlds, they all seem to look lost, just like she feels. They are all beautiful, each in their own way, she can see that as she floats by. But she is able to see past their small smiles, and they all look somehow sad, like something is missing. Maybe they feel just like she does; maybe no one else in the depths of this beautiful sea understands them either. It’s hard to be a mermaid. Maybe, she has found other beautiful, inspiring, loving, creative, gifted souls. Souls who understand her. Souls who just want to be noticed for who they are deep down inside; who can release who they really are and shine like the glorious warmth of the sun when it shines onto the surface of the ocean warming it.

She continues to float until a ray of sunshine has broken through the surface of the water, hits her face and wakes her out of her daydream. As she starts to realize that she is no longer in her part of the ocean, she is frightened. She continues to look around and the warm waters calm her as she tries to figure out where she has gone.

Her eyes widen as they come into focus, and she is in awe of what she sees. So many of them! Where did they all come from? Mermaids everywhere! She was so excited!

She started to move from mermaid to mermaid, asking how they got there, where they had come from. As she moves about she continued to look around her and sees that they are spread out as far and wide as the ocean. She is completely taken aback. What is going on here?

She looks into the eyes of the ones she is closest to and sees that same heart and spirit she feels in herself. They’ve come in all different sizes, shapes and colors; just like the rainbow, she thought. They were all so stunning! Each one of them seemed to have this look of relief on their faces as if they were thinking they weren’t alone either.

She looked once more over the current of mermaids and suddenly spoke to them in a voice that did not sound like it belonged to her. It was strong and commanding, powerful, yet compassionate. She said, “We have come home! We are all here for a reason. We are meant to be here in order to become the strong women that we are intended to be!

Women in the old times had rituals, ceremonies, and gatherings. We had prayer, and it kept us strong and powerful. It wasn’t competitive power which has taken over our world, it was a beautiful, loving feminine power that moved mountains. Over many years these things have been stripped from us and we have become lost and confused. Over many generations, our sons have lost that quality as well and have become angry, competitive, and greedy. We are here to change that.

Our daughters have become stronger in recent times, but they so desperately need our guidance. They saw the strength we had even though there were times that it didn’t appear that way to us and they learned how to survive. Our sons have been raised by single mothers with the understanding of compassion and love. They are starting to get it now; the pendulum is swinging the other way and we have come together to recognize this in ourselves. This is necessary for our future generations. The time of women trying to be tough and competitive like men in order to be recognized is now past. Now is a time for women to recognize their feminine beauty and heal themselves and bring that back out into the world!

The world, led primarily by those men, who have themselves lost their way, have for a very long time been based on greed, competition, and fighting to get what they wanted and in the process have hurt and killed for it. And what we have gotten is an accumulation of more things, more pain, more sickness, more anger, more hatred. Yes, there are men out there who feel as we do and are in search of something, and for them, deep down, know they are missing something too. We each have a masculine and feminine side and that is ok.

As women, we are about love, compassion, friendship and sisterhood. The fighting is no longer a necessary part of life, we all need love and we need to connect with our hearts and we are the ones who can make that happen, but we must heal ourselves first! We are givers, the givers of life! If it weren’t for us, there would not be life. Since our gift is to give, we really have no need for competition, it is no longer necessary!

We have finally come home, and with each others guidance, love and support, we can heal and bring that back out into the world! I am blessed to be here with all of you!”

As she finished speaking, she looked down and the bottom part of her body vanished and were replaced with legs. She looked across the crowded ocean and saw the same thing and there was not a dry eye amongst them! As a group, they took each other by the hand and began walking out of the ocean onto dry land. They had never experienced anything like this in their lives!

Once on land, they began to realize the meaning this moment had to them. They were about to begin a new journey into their own hearts in order to heal. They knew it was time! They all let out a yell from happiness that reverberated around the world! “We are ready to heal ourselves and we are ready to help bring life back to the world!

She smiled, and for the first time in her life she felt right about what was about to happen.